Dongguan Easytech Automation Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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5YRSDongguan Easytech Automation Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Established in 2003, Easytech is a leading manufacturer of vacuum transportation technology, production auxiliary equipment and stamping peripheral equipment, committed to providing production solutions for industrial workshops. Our product lines include vacuum transportation technology such as glass vacuum lifting, standard lifting, electric lifting and other standard or customized equipment, widely used in sheet metal, stone, wood, plastic and other fields; stamping peripheral auxiliary equipment, such as automatic feeding, transmission device, etc., widely used in laser, sheet metal and other related industries. At Easyteach, we help you find the right product to fit each work scene and application, so that to help you reduce effort, makes your work safe, easy and save time and money.# Modern production engineering and comprehensive manufacturing know-how guarantee highest quality standards for our products.#offering solutions for industrial plants and special needs of our customer.#prompt respond on engineering and after-sales support.#customer-oriented and committed to grow together with our partners and customers.
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Guangdong, China
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